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KF Nutri Foods International Inc., has started its banana chips operations in 1997 in Bunawan Davao City. With its small plant capacity and limited space, the company cannot serve its customers sufficiently. Hence, to realize and strengthen its marketing effort to satisfy all its customers and comply to International quality standards – the company / plant had to move to Padada, Davao Del Sur, to operate in a more spacious and state of the art banana chips factory.

KF Nutri Foods International Inc., had officially operated its new factory in Padada Davao Del Sur in 2008. The company was primarily established to manufacture and export nutritious and healthy banana chips and other processed foods. The company is managed by a team of competent and professional experts who had decades of experience in Banana Chips processing and export marketing business management.

The management prides itself of having exported all their products to more than 20 countries and gains the confidence of its meticulous customers worldwide. The plant is strategically located close to various banana farms and plantations in Davao provinces, thus ensuring raw green bananas availability all year round. The fertile soil of Davao provinces makes our Banana Chips exceptionally delicious and healthy.

With a 500 MT production capacity per month, the company presently employs over a hundred well trained and disciplined workers following strict compliance to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) System and Total Quality Management. All these endeavors are strongly supported by the management through regular seminars and trainings and investing in modern processing technology and state-of-the-art plant facilities, assuring its customers of consistency in quality all the time.


our-visionKF NUTRI FOODS is a food manufacturer company that geared to maintain its leadership position in providing its customers of globally competitive – quality, healthy, nutritious and safe food products.


missionKF NUTRI FOODS is committed to supplying its customers with high quality banana chips that adhere to global quality and food safety standard.

We will continuously innovate and improve our processes by constantly maintaining the food safety measures and quality control system in our operations to comply with our customers’ need as well as on the International and Environmental standards significant to quality and level of efficiency and productivity.

We will uphold to promote continuous product research and development that are accustomed to customer needs and market trends.

We will foster continuous learning to enhance creativity, capability and proficiency to improve and build the highest level of competencies among our people.

We value and progress mutually beneficial long term relationship with our shareholder, business partners, banana suppliers – farmers, suppliers, and other stakeholder to sustain the growth and success of the company.

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